Confidential Reporting of Bullying

This reporting tool is for Halton students to report ‘non-emergency’ incidents of bullying.

Bullying is when someone says or does mean or hurtful things on purpose to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself. These things are usually repeated. If you see this happening or you are experiencing this, this report form can help you access supports from your school.

We are here to help...

Being safe in relationships is a fundamental human right. Every student in the Halton District School Board has the right to be safe and free from involvement in bullying.

This reporting tool has been created to help you report concerns about bullying in an easy way, and to help you get support for yourself or another student.

The information you provide here will be kept confidential. The principal and/or vice-principal will use your information to help them investigate bullying behaviour. Providing your name and detailed information will help them to offer the best possible support they can.

Where did the bullying occur?

Thank you for filling out the form. The information submitted in this report will be sent electronically to your school’s administrator(s), no one else. You have also indicated you wish to be contacted by .